Shehzad Roy wins hearts of fans, video goes viral

Leading singer and social activist of Pakistan music industry Shehzad Roy won the hearts of fans by singing his old song 'Bhool Ja' in a new style.

According to details, on social networking site Twitter, the singer shared a video of him singing his song 'Bhool Ja' and playing the guitar.

Sharing a video of one minute and 40 seconds, Shehzad Roy wrote new lyrics for the song in the video caption.


He has also beautifully included some lyrics from the Bollywood movie 'Kal Ho Na Ho' in the new video of his old song.

In the end, he said, "I have changed the ending and I am sure you will all feel nostalgic".

The end of the song is being loved by his fans. Shehzad's song was included in the album released in 2002.