Asim Azhar opens up about her relationship with Hania Amir

The internet went crazy last week after Hania Aamir casually mentioned in an Instagram love with Aima Baig that she is not in a relationship with Asim Azhar. Her remarks made her subject for ridicule and trolling. She later took to Instagram to explain the nature of the relationship the two share:
"Asim is a beautiful part of my life and we have seen some insane times together and we share a bond beyond anyone's comprehension. We choose to look at and acknowledged love not hate."
Now Asim Azhar has opened up about their alleged relationship. In an Instagram post, the Jo Tu Na Mila singer slammed people for gossiping about them and asked them to avoid it: "As Hania said, the bond we share is beyond anyone's comprehension. It is bigger than any label for me," he wrote and added, "Tou aram se betho saare, har jaga muhalle ki phuppo nahi bante, (sit back and relax. No need to be a gossipy aunt)." While speaking about Hania, the singer wrote:
"She's the kindest and most beautiful human. I will always be there for her and vice versa because that's the impact she's had on me. Made me learn to give and love. Like I said. It is beyond a label."
The pair was presumed to be in a relationship after they were seen spent all the time together in 2017. The two have since then taken many trips and made appearances together thus, strengthening the suspicion that they are seeing each other romantically. However, Hania recently revealed that they are only best friends.