Mahira Khan who has been steadily on the rise of her career is one of the best female models. By her fine piece of acting poured with her intense acting skills, expressions, body language and her gorgeous looks Mahira has cemented her legacy in the industry. Mahira Khan within a short span of time succeeded to sign film as a lead role (actress) with the King Khan in film RAEES.

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Girls are always crazy about their diet and fitness and obviously anyone who looks at Mahira will assume her secret of fitness and beauty backed with lots of salads, gym, diet juices and green tea. But when she was asked about this secret at her one of the film’s conference she revealed that she eats like there’s no tomorrow.

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She takes 3 eggs in morning yes three not less than that & if she’s in hurry then with a Toast else with a finely made Paratha.

When it comes to lunch she eats whatever is cooked in her home like if it’s Nihari, Biryani, or whatever. According to her, the dish she ranks her favorite is DAAL CHAWAL that she enjoys with green spice and pickle.

Dinner goes too in the similar manner plus she has a bad feeling for junk foods but she sometimes do like to have a burger in her meal.

Reading this makes us to perceive that then she Must a regular feature at gym but surprisingly even this is not the case. Then what is left to be guessed?

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The diva claims to have never stepped into the gym. Yes would you believe in her words??

Mahira reveals the spicy secret behind her epitomic beauty and glam and that’s her incredibly Extraordinary Genes from her Paternal side.


Rest she does goes salon to pamper herself among which Almond oil is her favorite for face and last but not the least she too apply some sort of her own handmade mask for her beautiful glowing skin and that’s a combo of nature’s magic ingredient Honey and Lemon.



At Vogue India’s shoot she cracked out some more secrets of her fine skin that are I don’t believe in over-cleansing  I wash my face with plain water in the morning followed by Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF. If I am on shoot, I’ll ice my face prior to applying makeup. Before bed, I cleanse with Bioderma Sensibio II20 or pure almond oil, followed by Kiehl’s Intim Fatin, Cleanser, ROC anti-ageing night cream or Rodin face oil. I must admit I love face oils many a times I’ll end up applying just almond oil at night.