Web Desk: Pakistani Model and actress Humaima Malick requested her fans and general public to respect her personal life and do not share the photos of the wedding, which is likely to be held in her home at the end of the month.

Humaima quoted on Instagram, “We appreciate the love and the respect you show towards me and my siblings we truly acknowledge your feelings and gratitude.”

“I want to request everyone who love Feroze and his work to bless him on the new beginning of his life. We would appreciate our privacy on this family event, posting pictures of our event invites isn’t ethical at all!!”

“I repeat it’s a family affair kindly send Dua’s and blessing for Feroze and our family trust me we love each of you Thankyou people xoxo”

A day before her tweet, an Instagram account posted an image that featured Humaima Mailk, Feroz Khan and other family member. The image captioned as ‘Feroze is getting hitched on 30th of march and his valima will be on 3rd April.”