For the past 5 or 6 years Pakistani film industry is going through its own renaissance. Lollywood has manage to successfully deliver few good hit flicks and hopefully on February 2nd a romantic comedy ‘Man Jao Na’ is making its way to the big screen to rule the charts.

Today, we caught up with the cast of the film as they were invited on Aaj News morning show (Good Morning Aaj).

The male lead actor of the movie is the very charismatic and talented Adeel Chaudry, previously known for his singing and acting in Bollywood movies.

By profession he is a dentist who somehow manage to pave way in showbiz and believe us, being a dentist didn’t stopped him from pulling out all the stops, either its singing, modeling, acting or doing his own stunts this guy can do it all.

When asked about the difference that he noticed between Bollywood and Lollywood industry, this is what he had to say: “Bollywood is a much bigger industry than Lollywood, talent wise we might be on same level but they have an edge when it comes to the kind of technology they use in their movies.”

“So yeah comparing us with them is no justice at all, we simply can’t compete with them just like they can’t compete with Hollywood.”

Next we got hold of sensational Hajra Yameen who is also making her film debut alongside Adeel. Although she is not new to game as she had given momentous performances in many TV serials but still she defined this movie as a learning curve in her career.  Explaining her throughout experience, the actress seemed quite satisfy with her performance.

Hajra is one of those actresses of Pakistan drama industry who has a face that you will love and the act that will make you nuts. Her mesmerizing performances shows the love that she has for acting. When we asked her to choose one out of the three mediums (TV, Film, and Stage) which she enjoyed the most? The actress without any hesitation opted to perform on Stage.

“I love performing on stage because it brings the best out of you, performing on stage is like dancing on a live grenade, unlike films or dramas there are no retakes and no cuts, once you are out there you have to perform to the highest level.”

Up next we had the dashing Naeem Haq and larger than life Ayaz Samoo. Naeem is famous model who had performed in music videos, has also starred in ‘Yalghar’. Defining his earlier experience from Yalghar he stated that his transaction from a movie like Yalghar to Man Jao Na was hard.

“Here I m doing an action movie with an all out barbaric look and next thing you know I signed up for something soft and romantic like Man Jao Na, I had to completely alter myself for this movie, from looks to weight everything had to redefine.”

Naeem is a trained gymnast with a gold medal to his name and if that wasn’t enough the guy is also an architect.


Now its time for our personal favorite part of the interview with non other than Ayyaz, well what can we say about Ayyaz ??? his whole crew is in awe of him and why wouldn’t they be ??? the guy can literally take you to a joy ride with his spontaneous and humorous replies.

When asked about his most horrible experience in the making of film Somoo shared a horrible yet funny experience. He quoted that, “We were at a farm house shooting a wedding scene for the movie when all of a sudden we were surrounded by dacoits who not only looted our junior artist but wanted to abduct the bride for her gold, the funny part was that it was I who was the bride.”

They really thought that it was a real wedding, Somoo added while laughing.

The rest of the cast includes the young and talented Ghana Ali. The movie also includes renowned senior actors Asif Raza Mir, Nayyar Ejaz and Asma Abbass. The very popular Ali Gul Pir also makes a special appearance in the film.