Author: Asfia Afzal


Keanu Reeves has become internet’s new obsession not because of his latest release ‘John Wick 3’ but for being respectful towards female fans while posing with them.

However, the actor has been unaware about his popularity and was surprised to know about the latest title ‘Internet’s newest boyfriend’ given to him. Fans have been turning him into memes, swapping stories about the star and his good deeds and generally going gaga over him.

Many pictures of him have went viral on internet where he can be seen posing with women without touching them by keeping his arm at a distance.

On a red carpet for ‘Toy Story 4’, a reporter for People asked Reeves what it was like to be dubbed the internet’s newest boyfriend. Reeves seemingly had never heard of the term or had any idea of his ardent fandom. “I’ve been what?” he asked, “I didn’t know that, that’s wacky,” he said.

While Reeves may think it’s all a bit odd, he does appreciate his fans. “The positivity is great,” he told the reporter.