Selfies these days are so common, whether it be wedding, campaign or even funeral.  It seems like people now days are ready to risk their lives to capture a perfect shot of themselves. But why would people risk their lives for a selfie? According to researches it is found that it is related to the concept known as competitive Social Comparison, where people want to surpass their friends by showing them pictures to make them believe that their lives are much more interesting. People might also be narcissist and are obsessed by themselves.

But mainly the excess use of social media here plays an important role in making people conscious about their image to others.

Have a look at such life risking selfies.


  1. My face might be smashed on the rocks, but let me take a selfie first.


  1. Thumbs up but don’t you dare look down.


  1. A vertigo-induced picture of friends.


  1. Russian risk taker photographer Angela Nikolau never forgets to pull a selfie.


  1. The boy looks happy at the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil.


  1. A cool selfie can cost your life.


  1. Wait, wait let me take the souvenir first.