Cinemas in Pakistan are gearing up to release Indian movies yet again after four months of self-imposed ban. The most anticipated movies of 2017, Raees and Kaabil are likely to be screened in cinemas this week.

According to Express Tribune, sources in the federal information ministry told on Tuesday that the PMs Secretariat is likely to allow the release of Indian movies in the country and hopefully a notification in this regard will be issued soon.

Film Exhibitors Association Chairman Zoraiz Lashari confirmed the news saying, “According to the recommendations, the federal information ministry will issue the NOC for the import of Indian films while provincial censor boards will review them,” adding, “There will be no change in the criteria for the release of Indian films”.

He also said a meeting was held last week of the committee which was attended by all stakeholders of the Pakistan cinema industry and a lot of focus was laid on supporting Pakistani films while it was also made clear that the government did not ban Indian films. Lashari recalled that cinema owners had themselves voluntarily decided to suspend screening of Indian films after Pakistani actors were stopped from performing in India, Times of India reported.

Bollywood movie Raees also stars Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in the lead role. Mahira Khan while promoting her movie in Dubai this week said, “I want my country to see this. I want everybody to see it, every person in the world. My friends keep saying you did it, it’s enough, you can just keep it in a box somewhere. I do that, but there’s a part of me that says, no, I want everybody to see my blood sweat and tears for these two years, because it’s been tough and I want people to see it even if I fail at it”.

Apart from Raees, the makers of Kaabil are also looking for a release in Pakistan.


Source = Business Recorder

Author = Asfia Afzal