Shah Rukh Khan’s most anticipated movie Raees is in cinemas now and fans are going crazy to grab a seat. The movie is already houseful and SRK is wooing the multiplex audiences who have always been fans of his suave and urbane persona.

According to the early reviews, Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better; he’s full of fury and for once, isnt spreading his arms, but breaking others. The film lies entirely on his shoulders but his on-screen rival played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui has stole the thunder from King Khan.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui steps in with his crackling performance with quite ease. The role of the upright ACP with a knack of witty one-liners seems like a cakewalk for him. Indian critics have been praising Nawaz acting more than SRK himself. He has been labeled as a real hero of the movie.

According to Times of India, the first half is well-paced; it draws you in and makes you root for the bootlegger. But the second half plunges into a weird Robin Hood zone where the antiheros morals are suddenly defibrillated and he becomes a messiah. In the trademark Nawaz style, he delivers some comic relief while Mahira Khan is restricted to songs and a few emotional scenes, but doesnt really add much.

The storyline seems predictable like most of the Bollywood movies, but it brings the best of Bollywood, the sheer entertainment and glamour.


Source = Business recorder

Author = Asfia Afzal