Web Desk: Indian millionaire Nirav Modi is being probed for financial fraud. His fraud embarrassed Bollywood stars who maintained close ties with him like Priyanka Chopra, Sidhardth Malhotra and Lisa Haydon.

Priyanka Chopra is a brand ambassador for his jewellery. It is reported that she is terminating her contract with Modi. It is an inopportune time for Sidharth to be caught in a scam-related crossfire since he is promoting his new film Aiyaary.

According to a Sidharth’s co-actor, “He has no answer to question on why he was associated with Nirav Modi’s jewellery brand. How does one answer such a question? How is one supposed to check on a seemingly impeccable brand’s track record, let alone ascertain where it would be going in the future?”

However should a celebrity be held responsible for a product if it eventually turns out to be of dubious legal, moral or political merit?

Source: Deccanchronicle