Bollywood is no doubt a huge film industry and infact the revenue generation source for India. They’ve got the cream from bottom  to top but somehow they lack in creativity of coming up with their own posters and ends up stealing the crunch posters of Hollywood films.

The stories have more or less been in news about Bollywood for the plagiarized content  i.e the COPIED POSTERS from Hollywood majorly. Here is a list of some posters of films that have been Copied by Bollywood and used as their own.

  • On his birthday Sanjay Dutt shared new poster of his film BHOOMI which eventually gave the moment of objection and criticism to his fan following who claimed the poster to be cheated from Hollywood’s movie “GREY”.bo bo
  • Emraan Hashmi revealed the the new look of poster for his upcoming film CAPTAIN NAWAB
    in which he can be seen wearing both the Pakistan and Indian’s army uniform too. The film is being directed by Tony D’Souza. The poster of his film seems to be in resemblance with that of video game poster CALL OF DUTY-Black Ops.nnnnnn
  • Varun Dhawan and John Abraham‘s film DISHOOM poster, directed by Rohit Dhawan , looks in a deep fascination to Hollywood’s movie iconic scene from THE LAST CRUSADE and INDIANA JONES.

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  • The poster of film Phantom was too copied with the poster of Homefront. In the posters of Phantom both Saif & Katrina have been blind folded with a flag like that in Homefront’s poster .pha
  • Another film’s poster that was a target of criticism for its similarity was Badlapur who had the exact same aerial  view of  the city like that of Hollywood’s movie Inception.inoo
  • The poster of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was not spared upon its revelation as it gave a fodder to people to criticize the newly released poster comparing it to be totally cheated from that of Ghost Rider and being odd to the story of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. But despite of all the negativity the filmed earned big.bhago
  • Unlike many, Bipasha Basu‘s film that had been delayed before the public saw the first look of her film Creature 3D. However, the release of the poster was inspired by that of Hollywood’s flick Jeepers Creepers.jeeeeee