After his ouster from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 10, contestant Swami Om has not surprised us a bit. As soon as the security personnel threw him out of the house, he took no time to give an interview to a TV channel.

According to Indian Express, he goes on a rant about how he was mistreated inside the house and also how, except him, the entire house including the host of the show Salman Khan is anti-national. He accused Bollywood superstar Salman Khan of being an ISI agent. Swami also accused the makers of the show threatened to kill him.

Swami did a filthy act on fellow contestants, following which the entire house demanded his exit from the show. And this time the makers of the show also decided that all of this should come to an end. The worst thing is the old man did not repent for what he did.

A source close to DNA India said, Salman doesnt want Swami and Priyanka Jagga in his close vicinity which is why hes clearly told the Colors team to make sure neither Priyanka nor Swami is invited to the shows grand finale thats supposed to take place at the end of this month.

Swami Om went overboard when he threatened he will not let the finale to happen if he’s not called back and that he would go and beat the actor on stage on the day of the finale. Since Salman is a traitor, I will take one lakh people with me on January 28 and beat him black and blue on stage. I will not kill him because I want to torture him, he told ANI.


Source = Business Recorder

Author = Asfia Afzal