The big Bollywood stars we see on-screen, who now inspire many through their form of art are not even college graduates. There are so many celebrities who are actually school and college drop-outs. Though, there are various reasons behind it, but mostly because they hit the height of fame in their early life.

Here are few Bollywood biggies though not much educated, but still whatever they are is an outcome of their strong passion.

Salman Khan


Superstar Salman Khan studied at the Scindia School in Gawlior and St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra, Mumbai. But, it is said that he did not complete his college.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


When Kareena was just 20 years old, she made her first debut film in the industry. She was enrolled in Mithibhai College for studying commerce but could not complete his study. She was then interested in Law then but after joining Bollywood, she also left that college as well.

Aamir Khan


Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan who is known for his dedication and hard work in everything he do, was never interested in studies. Khan attended Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai, but he was hardly interested in studies so left his education in between.

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone is among the highest paid actresses of Bollywood. But Deepika always remained a poor student in her studies. She dont even have a graduation degree.

Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir Kapoor himself confessed that he was not born for studies and was a very poor student. He left his studies at a very early age.



Kajol was a mischievous kiddo born to a Bengali-Marathi family. Her parents separated while she was quite young. She got a film offer when she was only sixteen. After that, though she intended to return to school and finish her studies but she wasn’t able to and eventually dropped out from school and moved to acting.

Katrina Kaif


It is said that beautiful Katrina Kaif as not able to complete her studies. At the very early age she entered in the modelling industry.

Sonam Kapoor


The actress confessed her biggest regret as she was quoted in an IANS report saying, “My biggest regret is I’ve not completed my studies. But I’m going to finish my graduation. I’m going to fill in the forms to get my undergraduate degree in literature. For me, it’s one of those things that I regret the most.” Sonam further revealed that she had stopped studying after 12th standard and went on to become an actress.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Former Miss Universe and a Bollywood Diva is also a college dropout student. She was always an average student. She was enrolled in Jai Hind College but left that college after one year. She then switched to an architectural college. Soon, numerous film offers and high end modeling offers received by her. She chose B-town and left study in the mid way.


Source = Business Recorder

Author = Asfia Afzal