There’s growing speculation that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is getting ‘close’ with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman. Some media outlets have been reporting that they might be dating as well.

The rumors say he’s been very generous to Lohan, giving her lavish gifts and letting her fly around in his private jet, according to page six. One of the rumored gifts is said to be a credit card, which reportedly Lohan have denied.

However, Lohan rep denied all the rumours and said that the two met at a Formula One Grand Prix race last year, but that’s the only time they met. The rep called all these dating claims ‘lies’. However, sources close of Lohan, who has been partly living in Dubai for the past couple of years, said that two of them have been exchanging text messages and are ‘getting closer’.

In an interview with W magazine last year, Lohan said that “there’s a certain calmness in the United Arab Emirates city”. She added that she felt so relieved when she moved everything over from London to Dubai.

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