The Jonas Brothers made quite the comeback with their hit single ‘Sucker’. The song took over the world and gained even more popularity with the release of their music video. Nick Jonas in a recent interview has credited the success of the song to wife Priyanka Chopra and his sister-in-laws Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas.

While the song became a sensational hit, the video featured the Jonas Brothers and their wives in fun and over-the-top outfits. Till date, the video has raked in a massive 200 million plus views and was nominated in four categories at the MTV VMAs.

Nick admitted that the J-sisters, as they like to call themselves, stole the show in the video. “We knew that context needed to be given about where we are now. And I think the biggest piece of that puzzle is those three incredible women who stand by our side. And they stole the show in our video,” he told magazine Cigar Aficionado for his October cover story.

The J-Sisters frequently hang out and show each other support. From hanging out at their husband’s concerts and attending award shows together to going on trips and sending each other birthday love, the stars know how to have a good time.

Nick also revealed that his marriage to Priyanka gave him a new found perspective on life and his career. The singer admitted that his oldest brother Kevin’s marriage in 2009 led to the band’s split because Kevin prioritised his relationship with Danielle over that with his bandmates.

He said, “We were all just in different places. Joe and I were not emotionally mature enough to understand that when you find your person, and you begin your life with that person, that takes priority over everything. It has to. It should.”

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