Apple’s iPhone 11 announcement has been awaited for a long time and when it was finally revealed yesterday, people immediately started mocking the triple rear camera design, some even comparing it to coconuts or bowling balls.

Apple’s all new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max versions of the device feature three back cameras arranged in a triangular design making the phone look a bit camera-heavy. The bizarre camera position even led Nobel prize laureate Malala to comment about it in her latest tweet.


Is this just a coincidence that I wore this dress on the same day as Apple iPhone 11’s launch #iPhone11

Usman Kazmi
No, Thank you. I’ll just use the coloring book on my #note.
“Symmetry” used to be an integral part of apple’s design.#wth #Apple #iphone11

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Apple unveils three new much anticipated iPhones along with other devices

While some people compared it to coconuts and bowling balls, others compared it to fidget spinners, Pikachu, spiders, and even stoves.

iRidhi iRajput
Thts the new #iPhone11 Coconut design .

Just got my #iPhone11, who’s trying to go bowling

Shaam garg
Love that fidget spinner camera module ♥️ on 11pro.#AppleEvent #iPhone11

With #iPhone11 Pikachu comes to live !!#AppleEvent
Josh Tally
Who wore it best? #iPhone11 #spider

Abaidullah Aslam
In #iPhone11 we can cook anything at anytime at anywhere..#AppleEvent

i am sasha
Here we go#AppleEvent #iPhone11

Despite the mocking, the iPhones’ new camera design is supposed to be an updated one, featuring amazing new specs. The phones will be available for pre-orders starting September 13 and will begin shipping on September 20.

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