Faryal Makhdoom and her in-laws have been involved in a public war of words after she launched into a Snapchat rant earlier this month accusing them of bullying her. Now, her parents finally break silence over the family feud.

Worried parents admitted that they have suffered sleepless nights over the feud as they worry their daughter will be cast aside.

Zia Makhdoom, Faryal’s mother, “Why is the media saying that there is a rift between Amir and Faryal? There were some issues between her and the in-laws, of course they’ll be upset just a bit, she clarified. Amir was very upset, and he was also saying that this is all so immature. So he was upset about it but there was nothing bad between the husband and wife”.

When she was asked about Amirs father’s comment that Faryal and Amir are heading for divorce, the mother said, “It was a very unpleasant thing to hear and it was very painful for me to find out that Amir’s dad said this. Faryal would tell me this as well that They keep telling me there will be a divorce. I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept wondering how he (Amir’s father) could say that. And as a father, a father of daughters, to say that”.

She added, “For three and a half years she adjusted. Please accept the girl as your own daughter. And so please don’t say such a word to any girl, to anyone’s daughter. We are parents too. We have hearts, hearts that are broken when we hear such things and are living in fear that at any moment our daughter will get divorced. May they always live happily”.


Source = Business Recorder

Author = Asfia Afzal