Coke Studio has officially announced its twelfth season.
Rohail Hyatt is once again back to produce the season after a break of four years.
Full trailer of upcoming Coke Studio 12 is expected to hit the internet today.

Coke Studio Pakistan has announced the return of Coke Studio for its twelfth season, with an exclusive virtual tour of the set.

Expectations are high from the Coke Studio fans as this time again music producer Rohail Hyatt is back on his seat, which he left some four years ago. According to media reports, Rohail has made several changes this year.

The show will, in some ways, go back in time and the announcement of the artist line-up and guest musicians will release through a montage-esque trailer about the entire season. The trailer is expected to hit internet on October 4.

The singers expected to join in the new season include Sanam Marvi, Umair Jaswal, Shahab Hussain, Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kyani, Shamali Afghan, Aima Baig, Zoe Viccaji, Ali Sethi, Shuja Haider, Rachel Viccaji, Abrar-ul-Haq and others.