Colours play a significant role in our lives. Each one of them is like an emotion that dictates our very
existence. From the peaceful blue of the sky to the grim and darkest green of the ocean bed, from the
fiery red of the burning lava to the driest brown of the desert sand, colours portray the feelings that
make our life full of variety, excitement, thrill and meaning.
‘Wajood e zan se hai tasveer e kainat main rung’… Women are an integral part of our society.
Aaj Entertainment aims to revolve around the womenfolk by empowering them and celebrating their
femininity! All our shows will be focused mainly on issues related to females and their preferences.
Life would have been dull if it was not for colours and that’s exactly what Aaj
Entertainment aspires to do by bringing colours to your life!
Portraying the colourful sub-continental household, Aaj
Entertainment will reflect rich colours of diversity, culture and
charm throughout our shows with an aim to entertain viewers
with quality programming within the norms of our society.
Our programmes will deliver bundle of choices catering
audience from all walks of life. From primetime drama
series to magazine shows, from movies to telefilms, Aaj
Entertainment will showcase family based extravaganza
to inspire our viewers.